Top 3 Tres Leche cakes you must try in Dubai

by - May 08, 2019

What is a Tres Leche (Milk) cake? Probably one of those fancy cakes we would get at a French pastry shop? Or is it something created a professional pastry chef? Maybe, but in simple terms, it's just a slice of cake soaked in a three-milk mixture including FULL-FAT MILK, CONDENSED MILK & EVAPORATED MILK, topped with cream. Let’s not get into the technicality, but one thing is for sure, if you haven’t tried one as of now, you’re missing out on a lot. (P.S. don’t blame me if you hate desserts in general :P). Below are the top 3 Tres Leche cakes to try out across Dubai-

Molten Me

Molten Me located at Wasl Vita mall in Jumeirah 1, this place is a dessert parlour catering to a variety of dishes. Famous for their ‘MOLTEN’ cakes, their Milk Cakes were no less! Available in 3 flavours including Saffron, Coconut & Oreo, the saffron one is the best selection if you like rustic flavours. Coconut lovers are definitely in for a treat as this milk cake was the moistest one. The coconut flakes on the cake top just enhance the texture to a whole new level. For the Oreo one well, you’d like it if you’re an Oreo fan 😉.

Figure 1 - Saffron, Coconut & Oreo Milk cake's 

Highway 311

Located in JLT. Highway 311 is a fantastic restaurant serving Mexican and Peruvian cuisine. Originating from recipes of Mexican and Latin American descend, Milk Cake here was very authentic. Having a hint of cinnamon, there was a kick to the generic Milk Cake. Slightly dense at a bite, this cake was super filling too!

Figure 2 - Cinnamon milk cake and Nutella churros

London Dairy Café

London Dairy Café is at multiple locations including but not limited to Sheikh Zayad Road, Oud Metha & La Mer. Serving selections from starters to desserts, this place also has a choice of High Tea selections; perfect for an afternoon tea affair. Their Saffron Milk Cake is just plain fabulous. The milk had a whole new flavour altogether. The fluffy cake & tasty milk are a match made in heaven. 

Figure 3 - Saffron Milk Cake

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