3 desi joints to try in Bur Dubai for breakfast under AED 10

by - May 08, 2019

3 desi joints to try in Bur Dubai for breakfast under AED 10

Everyone craves for a wholesome breakfast which has a lavish spread and is super filling. But at times your wallet says otherwise! But in which rule book is it written that we need to pay big to eat filling? Here are 3 spots in Bur Dubai where you can have a tummy filling breakfast for less than AED 10!

Dorrat Al Bahr

Famously known as the restaurant of Nehal Kokiwala, this place is located in the dingy lanes of Bur Dubai, but do not judge the place by its looks! This place is more of a Sindhi breakfast joint which serves Koki (A Sindhi flatbread made with onions and spices, roasted crisp on a tava), Dal Pakwan, Aloo paratha, Methi paratha and more. It is preferable to get a takeaway rather than sitting and eating, as the place gets super crowded. (P.S. it's so crowded on Fridays, that you have to wait for an hour or so to grab something to eat). This place has some really good Dal pakwan other than its world-famous (literally!) koki. Prices range from AED 4 – 8 per plate.

Figure 1- Dal Pakwan with chilli pickle

Rokn Al Fahedi Cafeteria

A relatively new joint, this place serves similar breakfast as Dorrat. They also have a selection of parathas, koki, Dal pakwan and also Gujarati delicacies like thepla & poha.  Their koki is slightly different but a good pair with the spicy chilli pickle and dal they offer with it. Priced at AED 4, it is a very filling meal. For a few, 1 koki can cover as brunch 😉. This place has no seating but one can stand and eat on tables offered outside the restaurant.

Figure 2 - Koki served with Dal and chilli pickle

Al Rajwah

An out of the box Indian street food café, this place serves freshly fried samosas, lip-smacking chaat and Chinese dhokla in the evenings alongside freshly made dosas and grilled sandwiches. Their morning options are nothing less. They have a great mix of breakfast options including Idly, Dhokla, Vada Pav and Poha. Most of their items are priced less than AED 10 per plate. This place has very minimal seating but also has outdoor tables where we can stand and enjoy meals! A perfect café for takeaway and snack food.

Figure 3 - Poha topped with chopped onions & sev

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