6 NO COOK Instant Party Ideas!

by - July 15, 2017

If you are like me and love coming up with the awesomest appetizers for your next get together or party, I have some cool ideas for you. But for the likes of us, we end up spending way too much time in the kitchen preparing, or frying, or baking and forget to enjoy the party! Fortunately, the ideas I have, are refreshing, cool and involve no cooking or maybe max 30 seconds of cooking!
In fact, you can make all of these OUTSIDE the kitchen. This finger food will have everyone impressed, that's for sure!

1) Salad Shots

a) pour some hummus in any shot glass and pour olive oil
b) sprinkle paprika powder
c) and decorate the salads, and done!

2) Lettuce Wrap

a) Add paneer cubes/tofu, cucumber, chopped mangoes(half raw mangoes) shredded carrots, olive oil, paprika, lemon, salt, lightly toasted sesame seeds and honey!
b) Mix well
c) Place on a lettuce leaf and sprinkle sesame seeds

3) Papad Tacos

a) add corns, bell peppers, carrots, and coriander leaves to a bowl
b) Salt, Paprika, lemon juice, and mix well
c) Toast plain or masala papad on a tawa or in the microwave but be SURE to IMMEDIATELY fold it once its done without breaking it. Fold into half
d) Place your veggies in the cavity and done!

4) Pizza crackers

a) Place cheese slice(cut out into the cracker's shape and size) on the cracker and spread pizza sauce
b) Put your veggies on top (Onion, bell peppers, olives, corn)
c) Sprinkle seasoning and red chilli flakes and serve!

5) Bread Canopies

a) add 2 tbsp of cream cheese spread(You can use mayonnaise as well)
b) bell peppers, corn, onions, carrots(veggies are up to you whatever you like)
c) very little or no salt since the cheese has salt
d) black pepper and seasoning and mix well
e) cut out circles from the bread slices with a cookie cutter or any bottle cap(big caps)
f) and toast them, you can make this without toasting as well
g) spread some butter and then our cheese filling

6) Cucumber Rolls

a) peel off the outer skin of a cucumber once or twice
b) and peel out slices from within
c) and now spread the cream cheese
d) a little bit of mint chutney(mint sauce/hari chutney) or any dip of your choice
e) roll and plate, sprinkle some sesame seeds on top and done!


7) A Date with Chocolate

a) Deseed the dates and stuff any dry fruits of your  choice in them
b) Dip them into melted chocolate, shake off excess
c) refrigerate for 15-20 minutes and done!

8) Banana Choco Truffle

a) Slice bananas, spread peanut butter on a slice and cover it with another slice to make a sandwich
b) Refrigerate all such banana peanut butter sandwiches for 15-20 minutes
c) Dip them into melted chocolate and spread colourful sprinkles or crushed biscuits DONE!

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