Kesar Pista Kulfi

by - June 04, 2017

Kulfi is a traditional frozen indian dessert very close to ice cream. Preparing Kulfi at home is very easy and tastier than store bought. It is usually made with milk, condensed milk and flavoured with cardamom and kewra / rose water, topped with pistachios. Here is my easy version of Kesar Pista Kulfi | Rabri Malai Kulfi , hope you like it!!


Full Fat Milk 1 ltr
Cream or Malai 2 tablespoon
Condensed milk 200 ml | 1/2 can
Kaser or Saffron strends  10 to 15
Toasted and Crushed Pistachios  4 to 5 tablespoon
You can also add rose water or kewra water 2 to 3 drops


In a heavy bottom pan , add milk ,cardamom powder , kesar strands ,pistachios , cream and condensed milk .
Switch on the gas and let it come to a boil .
Once milk comes to boil, stir it and reduce the flame and let the milk simmer uncovered
Stir it continuously with spatula .
Cook it for about 10 minutes till it is reduced to half or become thick like rabri .
*Please make sure to stir it continuously*
When it become thick and get layer of malai , switch off the gas .
Now let it cool to room temprature .
Now pour rabri into your kulfi moulds and let it sit in the freezer for at least 6 hours .
After 6 to 8 hours unmold the kulfi and ENJOY!!

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