My Women's Day

by - March 11, 2017

8th of March marked as 2017's women's day and we got to see some amazing films and videos about it, including Kriti Sanon's "Happy Whatever" and some positive ones by multiple airlines and what not. On this day, my kids let me relax, and I took a day off of all my household duties, they cleaned cooked and even shot an episode with themselves. So my son will be coming on the channel again. We also made a video this women's day, and it was a basic idea. My son revived old footage and made it into something new- something lively. He didn't want to justify the beauty and relevance of women's day and women in general by their success- but by their simple being. This video's aim was to bring out the fact that women don't need to be successful to be equal, or relevant. We can't let money or fame or success define an individual's worth in the society, but one's humanity does. Just tired of having people feel the need to portray the outer beauty of success and fame and forget the simplicity and feeling of warmth. This is a very warm video, for all of you. I hope you will enjoy it.

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