Veg Spring Rolls Recipe

by - February 27, 2017

An extremely popular starter- everyone remembers it from weddings, receptions, and such occasions. Spring rolls are served with green mint sauce(the recipe of which is also on my channel lol) or you may call it Hari Chutney or just simply ketchup, I personally adore chilli garlic sauce with it.


Spring Roll Sheet 20 (store bought/readymade)
Noodles 1 packet/1 cup(you can use 2 cups if you wish)
Carrots 1 cup(jullienne)
Capsicum(1 cup)
Cabbage (1 cup)
Maida(all purpose flour) 3 tbsp
Garlic 1 tbsp(chopped)
Ginger 1 tbsp(chopped)
Soy Saue 1 tbsp
Red Chilli Sauce 1 tbsp
Vinegar 1 tsp
Black Pepper Powder 1 tsp
White Pepper Powder 1/2 tsp
(you can adjust seasoning according to your taste)
salt as per taste
Oil for frying
2 tbsp sesame or refined oil for sauté


1) Firstly, we will boil the noodles as per packet instructions
2) Once they are Al Dente cooked, we will drain them and Wash them with cold water so that the starch comes out. Keep them for drying like so Till then, we'll prepare the filling
3) In a pan, pour sesame oil(or any other oil)
4) Add ginger and garlic and stir them, Now add onions and stir them.
5) After that, add carrots, cabbage, bell peppers, salt, black pepper powder, white pepper powder, soy sauce, vinegar and red chilli sauce, and stir them quickly, Make sure the flame is high
6) Now add boiled noodles, mix it well
7) Now take it off the flame and put it in a plate to cool
8) In a bowl, prepare the glue. Add a little water to the all purpose flour and mix it well
and create a paste of thick consistency like a glue
9) Now we'll take the spring role sheets and open them, and cover them with a damp cloth so that they don't get dry
10) Now take one sheet and approximately- -1 tbsp stuffing to be kept on the side
11) gently lift the sheet and fold the vegetables in it 
12) Using your fingertips, apply some glue on the edges and fold it
13) apply some glue on these corners as well
14) and again fold it towards the front and seal them well. prepare all the spring roles the same way
15) Now heat the oil to deep fry, if the oil is not hot enough, then spring roles will absorb the oil and become soggy
16) Add spring roles in it according to the size of the pan
17) Now we'll fry them till they're golden and crispy
btw, they become golden and crispy pretty quickly, so don't leave them in for too long, else they can burn/overcook also
18) Once they're golden, we can take them out on absorbent paper
19) serve them hot with hot and spicy schezwan sauce, or red chilli sauce

I also made an appetising video on the same, I'm sure you'll like it!
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