Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe (Only 3 Ingredients) | No Eggs | No Ice Cream Machine

by - February 21, 2017

Hello everybody! We have finally reached 50,000 subscribers on YouTube! I can't believe it, when I started off my channel, I had no idea my channel had the potential to reach here. This might be a small amount for some people, but for me it is FIFTY THOUSAND PEOPLE who know my face! And I never knew I could go from a normal mother to helping people out on the internet and whenever all of you send me photos of what you made by watching my recipes, it feels so surreal to me every time. Anyway, moving on, for this special occasion, I have made ICE CREAM! This one is vanilla ice cream, made specially on viewers demand. You guys showed me a lot of love on my mango ice cream recipe, so here you go with this one.

Ingredients(There are only 3!):

Heavy Whipping Cream 500 ml
Condensed Milk 1 canVanilla Extract 1 tbsp


-First, make sure that your bowl in which you'll be beating the cream, is extremely chilled. I kept it in the freezer for half an hour.
-Now add in your chilled cream to the bowl(yes, the cream should also be chilled).
-Next step is to beat the cream; you can use a stand mixer, or a hand beater, or even a hand mixer. I used a hand mixer in the video just to show everyone that it is possible, despite what a lot of people say. Mixing it this way does take a lot of time, and might even tire you out, so it helps when you have people around to help you with it. It took me about 7-9 continuous minutes to make the cream fluffy and thick. You need to make sure stiff peaks form.
-Once that is done, add condensed milk, which also, should be chilled. Mix that really well.
-Now add vanilla and mix it.
-Now transfer it from the bowl to any container/dish.
-All you need to do now is just cover it with cling film and then keep it in the freezer for at least 6-8 hour. I kept it in overnight.

Note: Once it's in the fridge, you need to go stir the ice cream every 2 hours for about 2-3 times. Just so it doesn't form ice crystals or bubbles

(There's also a video on this down below, check it out if you want to be tempted :P)

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