Oatmeal Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

by - November 08, 2016

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies, I know right? Its like reading about hidden treasures under the ocean. Well, here's my recipe for this delicious, chewy-perfect with milk- cookie. made with oatmeal and lots of love.

1/2 cup soft butter(112 grams)
1/4th cup milk(50 ml)
3/4th light brown sugar
1stp vanilla extract
200 grams(1.5 cups) maida/all purpose flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon powder
2/3 cups chocolate chips(70 grams)
2/3rd cups(75 grams) of rolled oats

1) Add light brown sugar in a bowl, add butter. (soft)
2) mix it with a spatula and then cream it with a beater
3) In batches, add all purpose flour and mix it in
4) add baking soda and cinnamon powder
5) Mix it well with a spatula(then the beater)
6) Now add rolled oats, chocolate chips and vanilla extract
7) Mix it well with a spatula
8) add a little milk for binding
9) mix it really well till it combines into a dough(use the beater)
10) now out of this dough, scoop out a spoonful portion, roll it in your hands, and keep these lemon sized balls aside
11) Bake at 180° celsius for 15-18 minutes
Take them out, let them cool down and serve with milk!

They're a little crispy from the outside and chewy from inside, BUT, if you want total crispy, bake for a little longer!

Here's the video:

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