Bread Pizza

by - November 07, 2016

My son Nikhil, 20, along with my daughter Divya 16, who usually do the camera work, decided to shoot one of his own recipes, and was quite nervous about it. I encouraged him and the final product was out!
Okay I'll be honest, he makes great bread pizzas, but he screwed up and burnt an entire batch because he's never been on camera like this. So I finally interrupted and gave him my recipe, just so everyone knows, you can trust the recipe as its mine :p I mean he's a great cook, his wife is gonna be a lucky one, but during this recipe I was relieved because doing my job is indeed difficult, and I'm glad my kids understand hehehe <3

Here's the recipe for this easy bread pizza:


Bread slices as per required
Pizza toppings (1/2 teaspoon each/of your choice) :
Red bell pepper chopped
Yellow bell pepper chopped
Green bell pepper chopped
Boiled corn
Jalapeños chopped
Olives chopped
Red chilly flakes

Grated Cheddar cheese 1 tablespoon
Grated mozzarella cheese 1 tablespoons
Butter 1/2  teaspoon
Pizza sauce 1 tablespoon per slice

1) Spread butter on 1 side of the bread slice
2) Toast the buttered side only, very slightly golden, don't over do it!
3) Apply Pizza Sauce on the other side(untouched side)
4) Add your toppings! Bell Peppers, corn, Jalapeños olives etc!
5) Sprinkle the cheese! He started with Cheddar and then added the Mozzarella. (Grated of course)
6) Meanwhile, keep the pan on heat, and add red chilli flakes on top of the cheese if you want
7) Place about 2 bread pizzas on the tawa(pan) and cover it. Cook on a low flame for about 2-3 minutes
(Our favourite scene from the video, its a time lapse of the cheese melting, beautiful!)
8) Take it out and sprinkle oregano!

Enjoy the hilarious bloopers in this video, you'll enjoy it! Subscribe to my channel and let me know if you'd like more recipes from Nikhil :D

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