McDonald's Spicy Paneer Burger

by - April 08, 2016

Ever since I've released McDonald's Paneer Spicy wrap, I've been getting tons of requests for McDonald's Spicy Paneer Burger. So here it is guys!

This was a super fun video to make, mainly because I got to eat McDonald's almost every day. The first day I bought this burger, had a bite, closed my eyes, and wrote down every flavour I could taste on my taste buds. I kept correcting my notes with each bite. I finally went home and tried to make it myself. And tadaaaa! I had cracked the recipe!

Just kidding. 

I cracked this recipe after repeating this process for 7 times. And when it finally turned out to be exactly the same, I tricked my children. Again. 

I put this burger in one of those McDonald's containers and gave it to my son and daughter. When they had the first bite, and couldn't tell any difference, I instantly knew this was the recipe. And now, I'm sharing it with you all!


4 tbsp All purpose flour 
3 tbsp Paprika 
1 tbsp Peri Peri seasoning 
4 drops of Tabasco
2 tbsp Corn starch 
1 tbsp Corn meal
4 tbsp crushed Cornitos 
2 tbsp Bread crumbs
Burger buns
4 tbsp Mayoniese
3 tbsp Red chilli Tomato Ketchup
Salt as per taste
Paneer as per your requirement of paneer patties 
Oil for frying
Orange food colour optional 

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