World Food Day 2015

by - October 16, 2015

Today, on the very happy occasion of “World Food Day,” I have a very special message for all my viewers. I came across a beautiful quote from the movie “The Hundred Foot Journey,” which says “Food is memories.” Food is a lot of things, it is the reason we work, it is a way of celebrating, it is something we can bond over, and most importantly it is the reason we live. World Food Day is marked on 16th October to raise awareness of food sustainability and the challenges of world hunger to encourage people to get involved in the fight against it. One in nine people on earth do not have enough food to lead an active healthy life. 52 countries are suffering from “alarming” levels of hunger. And if women farmers had the same access to resources as men, the number of hungry in the world could be reduced up to 150 million, according to the world food programme.  So today, lets learn more about our food, and the world, donate leftover food, cook sustainably and sufficiently instead of excessively, and encourage women empowerment and education. Happy Cooking!

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