Besan(Gram Flour) Ke Ladoo Recipe

by - October 13, 2015

Besan Ke Ladoo is traditionally an indian sweet which happens to be my all time favourite since childhood. 
Which is why I started my Youtube channel with this particular recipe. 
Hope you will enjoy it and make it at home!


Gram flour    1and 1/2 cup
Semolina        4 Tablespoon
Sugar              3/4 Cup
Almond           4 Tablespoon(chopped)
Desi Ghee        1/2 cup


1)Heat a pan and pour desi ghee.
2) Add Besan and roast until the colour changes.
3) Now add semolina or suji and again roast it for another 5 minutes
4) Put chopped almond
5) Transfer it to another bowl and add sugar and mix it well
6) Now take the fist full from the mixture and give it ladoo or ball shape with your hands
7) Now its ready to serve.

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