Easy Lemon Pepper Chicken recipe / Easy and Quick Starter

by - May 08, 2019

Hi Guys! Welcome to our family..Anyone can cook with me.
I can say that this lemon pepper chicken recipe will be a treat for pepper and juicy and tangy chicken lovers. This recipe is very healthy and there are no complicated ingredients or much preparation required for this recipe but there is some serious "Peppery Love" involved.

Try this recipe! I'm sure you'll love it.


Total time: 25-30min
Preparation Time: 13-15min
Cooking Time: 20min


Chicken- 1/2 kg
Pepper - 2 tbsp
Salt- To Taste
Lemon juice- 1 full lemon juice
Ginger garlic paste- 1 tbsp
Curd- 1 cup
green Chili- 2-3 no.s
Bay leaf- 2 no.s
Black pepper- 4 no.s
Chopped garlic- 1 tbsp
Sliced ginger- 3-4 no.s
oil - 2-3 tbsp
Butter-1 tbsp


  • Wash the chicken and put it in a bowl. 
  • Add a tbsp of pepper, lemon juice, ginger garlic paste, salt, and a cup curd. Let it soak for a few mins. 

  • Now take a thick bottom pan, add 2-3 tbsp of oil and also add butter to it. Once it's heated, add Bay leaf, black pepper, chopped garlic, 3-4 sliced ginger, and saute it for 40-60min.
  • Add marinated chicken into the pan. Keep it on high flame for 2-3min until the water gets evaporated. Add 3-4 sliced green chillies, a tbsp of salt and pepper, mix it well. Close the lid and let it cook for 15-20 minutes on low flame.

  •  Now add 2 tbsp of lemon juice and to thicken the sauce, add 2 tbsp of water and 1/2 tbsp of corn starch. Mix it well. Put this mixture into the chicken. Saute it for 30-40 secs.
  • Ready to Serve.

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