3 Baking Tips that will help you get a perfectly baked cake

by - May 08, 2019

3 Baking Tips that will help you get a perfectly baked cake

Tip 1 – Use of Vinegar

The use of vinegar in a cake batter helps activate the effervescent agents (baking soda or baking powder) used in the recipe. There is a slight bit of science behind it (we all know the cooking and chemistry are similar, don’t we!). The mix of vinegar which is acidic in nature and soda which is basic in nature releases ions causing the formation of nothing but carbon dioxide. This makes the cake batter airy and hence giving you a fluffy and moist cake!

Figure 1 - Flat v/s frothy cake batter

Tip 2 – Fold not whisk

When making a cake batter or any baking batter, in particular, do not try to use a whisk for mixing. Rather use a spatula to do so. It may take longer to incorporate all the ingredients and make the batter lump-free, but this helps add in a lot of air to the batter making it light and fluffy.

Figure 2 - Whisking v/s folding

Tip 3 – Dust your baking pans

If you are a regular or a once in a blue moon baker, you’d have always been advice to grease the baking pan before pouring in the batter, but has anyone advice you to dust the pan? Dusting the baking pan with flour after greasing it with butter helps release the cake from the pan even more easily. Not only that, but this also reduces the chances of burning cake edges which is usually the case after greasing a pan and baking cakes 

Figure 3 - Greased v/s greased & dusted cake pan

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