Cold Coffee

by - July 10, 2016

This is actually my daughter's recipe. It's a simple one, but her method makes a huge difference. There's actually quite a story behind this. My whole life I was never able to get froth on my coffees and froth (jhaag) is something that matters so much to me. It makes my whole coffee experience better. So one fine morning, I was feeling tired so I told my daughter to make me cold coffee(because let's face it, we all need coffee everyday!). And my daughter does not even know how to make maggi properly so I was a little nervous about this. But she went downstairs and after probably half an hour, she got me 2 glasses of coffee, one of them filled with ONLY with froth. I had never been so happy. It was so good and I knew that I had to share this with you all. But I went out of town, and on mother's day, in the hotel room, I suddenly got a notification of a cold coffee video that was uploaded on my channel. Turns out, since I wasn't home, both my children suprised me by this little video, and I loved it. My son shot the video and my daughter made it. Which is why there's no intro or dubbing(sorry about that). The music is again by the very amazing Teri Eger. You can check out her channel here(Obsessed with her songs!)-

Now finally, here's the recipe(makes 1 huge class)-

Take 1 cup of milk and put it in the mixer/blender.
Add 1 tsp coffee
Add 1 tsp sugar (depends on your taste)
Now blend it together

Wait, it's not done yet!

Take a whole tray of ice (at least 10 ice cubes) and put that in the blender along with the coffee
And blend it again!

Ice is the trick to make the froth.

Now pour it in the glass of your choice!

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