Creamy Pasta Salad Recipe

by - April 25, 2016

So if you have been following me on all my social media, you would know that my family has been trying to eat healthier day by day. We first shifted from junk food to slightly healthier junk food, and at one point, we even stopped eating non vegetarian food. But after realising what really is important and what is best for the long run, we decided to make veggies tastier instead of trying to make junk food healthier. And here I present to you, my delicious cold creamy pasta salad recipe. 


Pasta salad ingredients
Pasta 2cup
Hung curd 200 gm
Mayonnaise 200 gm
Cream 100 ml
Cucumber 1 
Broccoli 1/2cup
Lettuce 1/2 cup
Apple 1/2
Olives 2 tablespoons
Capsicum 1/2
Bell pepper 1/2
Salt as per taste
Black pepper powder 1/4 teaspoon
Garlic Herb bread seasoning 1tablespoon
Oregano 1/2teaspoon
Salad dressings seasoning 1/2 teaspoon
Mint chutney 1 tablespoon


Boil the pasta with little salt and olive oil. 
When it is al dente, then drain it.
Now let it cool.
Boil broccoli and carrot for 1 minute and then drain it.
Now let it cool along with chilled ice.
Chop rest of the salad in the same size.
In a separate bowl, create the dressing; add hung curd(thick curd), mayonnaise, and cream.
Add garlic herbs, salad dressing seasoning, salt, and black pepper.
Now in a separate bowl, add boiled pasta, blanched broccoli, carrot, chopped salad, and finally pour the yoghurt dressing and mix it all well.
Keep it in the fridge for at least 2 hours to chill. 

Serve it chilled and enjoy!

Comment down below how it turned out to be <3 and what you would like to see next :)

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